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  • Is the market pivoting ahead of the Fed? December 2, 2022
    Today’s job report and the bond market reaction to it could be an inflection point where the market gets ahead of the Fed.
    Sarah Wheeler
  • HW+ Member Spotlight: Jeff Thompson December 2, 2022
    "The one big thing that people aren't paying attention to is the continued increase in lack of affordability for first-time homebuyers," Jeff Thompson said as he explains the one thing people aren't paying attention to.
    Sarahi De La Cuesta
  • Getting ahead of a turbulent market with consumer data December 2, 2022
    Lenders recognize the importance of maintaining existing customers in today’s challenging market. The key to retaining current customers? Understanding their behavior, with insightful, real-time data.
    Eunice Garcia
  • Stronger than expected job growth raises specter of more Fed hikes December 2, 2022
    After the U.S. economy added 263,000 jobs in November, expert predict the Fed interest rate hikes will continue.
    Brooklee Han
  • Mortgage Coach integrates with Polly’s PPE December 2, 2022
    Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach announced an API integration with Polly on Thursday.
    Tannistha Sinha
  • Expansion-hungry Guild gobbles up Inlanta Mortgage December 1, 2022
    Guild announced Thursday that it acquired Wisconsin-based lender Inlanta Mortgage to increase its purchase loans portfolio and its market penetration in the Midwest.
    Flávia Furlan Nunes
  • Wells Fargo makes further deep cuts to its mortgage division December 1, 2022
    Wells Fargo, the largest depository mortgage lender in America, cut hundreds of home lending jobs across the country on Thursday.
    James Kleimann
  • [Updated]: Inlanta Mortgage to wind down operations December 1, 2022
    Inlanta Mortgage had plans to expand this summer, but an unanticipated drop in mortgage product demand led to the impending layoffs and shutdown.
    Connie Kim
  • How smart home technology increases property value in a challenging market December 1, 2022
    The call for smart home technology is coming from inside the house, as it were — but during times of economic pressure, how can investors and property managers justify the effort and expense of upgrading their communities?
    Eunice Garcia
  • Introducing the 2022 HW Tech Trendsetters! December 1, 2022
    While 2022 has been a challenging year for housing, one thing we have learned is that periods of crisis can also be the driving force behind innovation and progress. This year’s 2022 HousingWire Tech Trendsetters have a long list of achievements that are driving the industry’s digital transformation. These tech execs aren’t just streamlining mundane […]
    Lesley Collins